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11Nov 2016
Electricity that defend bath the way how to go to a \"middle\" or hard to succeed

In today's rapid development of Internet, sanitary ware enterprises have realized that to electricity is imperative, is different from that of FMCG wei yu, how do you find the right position in the electrical business model is worth thinking about. At present, traditional channels operating costs rising, many enterprises that defend bath holding "to the middle" mentality to electricity, but the idea is difficult to success.

The quick electric business development
When it comes to electricity, many enterprises that defend bath will be thinking of how to build their own websites, promote their App, a good online store, to sell the products directly to consumers' hands, cut down the middle layers of link, the direct benefit to the consumer. Vision is good, but in the process of real implementation, only to find that there are a variety of problems, for example, how the product directly into the hands of consumers, how to perfect the after-sale service, how to solve the disputes in the process of handling, etc., and most importantly, how do not impact the traditional offline sales pattern, etc.
Regionality, price differential and cost differential, has always been a troubled household building materials industry three stumbling block for the development of electricity, even from the manufacturer the unification ex-factory price, indicate the price of national unity, but also it's hard to do the price of national unity, and even some brand in the same place for different dealers will exist price differential operation, especially for traditional enterprises that defend bath, the problem of the price it is difficult to fundamentally solved, so in many enterprises try to do after the electricity, electricity just the mouth into the window of the branding.
Return the product Fine service
Recently, the Beijing TV broadcast a decorate show, cause the attention of the circle distributor, on the one hand, because of it from the Internet finishing the rabbit named brand soil, on the other hand it also when it comes to choosing advocate material method and the problems need attention in decorating, is attention, because this should also is another kind of building materials industry pattern of electricity.
This file to decorate show mainly in a more special for the starting point of the story, to complete the changes in the decoration the desire of the people, in decorating a process, the supervision of the entire journey through the mediating rabbit project supervision to complete the new home decorating a process. If consumers want to decorate, can go to the soil of the rabbit's official website inquiry, order, consumers can choose a single product purchase, also can choose the ready to pack, then there will be a professional decoration company docking and services. To decorate adornment company whether is qualified by the supervision to the acceptance of the rabbit. Although it is a kind of new mode of electricity, but the author thinks that there are still some problems, for example, first, decorate in the acceptance of the standard is not unified; Second, the master of each decoration technique is different, it's hard to do standardization; Third, choose the different material, not sure whether meet the requirements of products, etc. Because it is a process of non-standard, and to give full play to people's subjective initiative, it is hard to be perfect.
After rounds of electricity after practice, the author thinks that, sanitary ware industry to make electricity, eventually need to return the product, because companies are selling real products, only good products can get consumer recognition and reputation, and only formed a good reputation, when to do electricity can better accepted by people. But for now, the electricity business selling services, fast and convenient are the main characteristics of electricity, for the traditional building materials industry, the electricity to development, also hard to do it quick and easy service, however if offline dealership network combined with development is relatively mature, may receive the effect will be better. Sanitary ware enterprise can provide products, dealers can provide ground services, is reached a win-win situation for both. Wei yu the dealer if you want to bypass the manufacturer directly to consumers certainly violate the interests of dealers, the products it is difficult to fall to the ground naturally.