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11Nov 2016
The phenomenon of \"follow suit\" sanitary ware industry

Any industry as long as it has formed a trend now, there will follow suit phenomenon, is like clothes of all kinds of famous brand and folk characteristics snacks, as long as with fame, society will appear in all stop to wind. That created "damaged" phenomenon in some sectors, such as sanitary ware, manifolds of brand, and there is no product security and authentication. This will be the overall level of the industry down, lead to a lot of people in the quality of the excellent brand sanitary ware industry became suspicious.

Sanitary ware industry developed city in guangdong, all sorts of obscure small workshops wei yu, and even some workshops have some scale and its own brand. Although the society from time to time that so-and-so exploded when using the product that defend bath or leaking news, but there is no demand, there is no production. The appearance of these small workshops, however, can explain the present stage of people's consumption level has not reached the requirements of high, after all, society needs to survive, small make up believe their intention is good.
In these Revelations, wei yu brand is the most hit. Now most sanitary ware brand will find processing factory stick a card, because with the development of the brand, sanitary ware sales increased year by year, put some product in other factory contract to become a convenient way of production. But in the process of long-term cooperation, factory operating slack, material rough problems happen occasionally, directly affect the brand image. And sanitary ware brand can't openly to expose of foundry, can only be broken teeth swallow into the belly, also can only delete selected to plant in subsequent cooperation.
We all hope that defend bath industry is booming at the same time, also can improve these small problems, after all, life need to continue, also to achieve high levels of consumption.