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10Nov 2016
The four \"killer app\" of wei yu dealer sales up

Domestic sanitary ware industry over a period of continued explosive growth, today, is entering a rapid development period, at this point, in order to gain advantage in the market competition, the dealer is thought, take various measures to boost its sales skills, improve the sales.

Accurately grasp the sales opportunity
In the critical moment to shape your customers different place, to touch the customer is not willing to buy your product, it's urgent to clinch a deal with you, let the customer realize that it is her that she should not miss. So either you can obviously exceeds a certain value level opponent (can successfully solve the customer's inner conflict is to value), or you have to learn how to make sense of scarcity.
But some sanitary ware sales staff not to deliberately get customer commitment. Rarely have a interaction can clinch a deal, it is composed of several small decisions accumulate chain, you must be one by one to break through, to the final in numerous competition on hand, at this time, access to customer commitment is over a decision making efforts, is a design to reduce the distance to clinch a deal.
Also is to promote the enterprise selling products
Succeeded in selling yourself, let yourself to keep a good impression in the minds of customers, honest, trustworthy, fun is good quality, the lowest the bottom line is the customer at least don't hate you.
But some sanitary ware sales staff often because of concerns that customers hate to give up efforts to follow up and push the client.
Accurately grasp the consumer psychology
Must be good at integrating a range of information tools, to the customer that all you say is true. If there is enough, low cost of empirical materials to prove that, the nature will be better, this is rather rational empirical; No empirical material, must learn to "stories", about a specific, to know the details, have confirmed the story of feeling, of course, these are all arranged well in advance, or it really became a story.
But some sanitary ware sales people are not willing to take the time to integrate these "evidence", takes the strength in persuading and improvisation. Remember: all traces fall into sales event, will lead the customer to rational thinking, "in the world of rational decision making, all evidence is insufficient". Sales is the highest realm of customers did not feel the presence of sales!
Matching enterprise resources to meet consumer demand
To put the customer's needs and you can provide the service, to tell her, she can bring any value, you help her solve the problem of what, to stand in the customer's position and inner conflict to interact. Lowest the bottom line is you have to let the customer feel you understand her needs.
But some sanitary ware sales staff can not handle a conversation, by the customer by the nose, unsure of core resources, did not take the initiative to match your resources to the customer.
All in all, sanitary ware enterprises want to allow customers to buy your products, first of all let customers realize rational "values". Sanitary ware sales staff through the above steps to conclude the transaction, complete the sales.