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10Nov 2016
The shower room with four recruit let you shine

With economic development, the improvement of living standards, people's life quality requirements are constantly changing, and the shower room as taste life's iconic products, natural became fashionable gens of essential choice. The product brand of shower room is various, makes the consumers dazzling, and the quality is uneven, below, lets the home beautiful, small make up to teach you a few select the tip of shower room, take you practice their "critical".

A, style
Opposite for circular and rectangular shape is the most save space, can be directly installed in the corner, more suitable for small family between wei yu. Diamond to take up the space is larger, the visual angles changeable, more suitable for the space that defend bath slightly larger families.
Second, the functional
Overall shower room is much more than simple shower room shower, faucet, roof, chassis (a few simple shower room is equipped with), bathtub, etc, if with steam function, and can be referred to as smart, steam shower room. The shower room is the biggest advantage is the whole style is unified, but the price is also high. If you prefer to lead the fashion and abundant decorating a budget, might as well choose intelligent shower room, a side can sauna SPA, Internet, play games, listen to music, bathing, entertainment. In this regard, the individual feels home beauty, safety explosion-proof shower room series shower room is quite good!
Relatively simple shower room, function is simple, just have shower function, also have no a whole room expensive. The choice of two functions depends on personal preferences and physical state. Intelligent shower room is more suitable for work, study pressure big, sleep is not good, is in a state of sub-health population to use for a long time.