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10Nov 2016
Wei yu soft outfit collocation skill GET up

Today specially to see a lot of knowledge about soft outfit collocation. In general, the wei yu of soft outfit is not only durable, but match time under the space tonal aspect also to full time. Simple said, is to "good-looking and practical"! NOW, small make up receive application through the bathroom wallpaper, furniture and decorations, these three aspects, to provide some of the most common soft outfit that defend bath is tie-in.

Special wallpaper. There is attention to domestic outfit information friends must know what is the bathroom furniture is changed. Design the wei yu that now more and more close to the household space design, only the Bathroom as a household to design, to create a Top Bathroom. Ecru archaize nostalgia wallpaper through special processing, can waterproof, at the same time also has the very good beautification effect.
The bathroom ark. In recent years, more and more people like the collocation of wooden bathroom cabinet and white basin, bright white concise and easy match the original ecological natural feeling, with pure wood line can be unique visual enjoyment.
Receive accessories. Small area between the wei yu that can not messy, install a small receive ark on metope, with will put towels and so on sundry, save a space again at the same time have a strong ability to receive and implement small super store content function in the bathroom.
Shower curtain. A beautiful piece of bath shade, is not only used to prevent splash when washing bath, it can play the role of decorate the bathroom. In addition, in small family model between wei yu, shower curtain and integral function, the effect of dry wet depart.
The shutters. If can in the window to hang a shutter, let sunshine sprinkle evenly between wei yu in, you can form a modern and lively atmosphere of life.
The mirror. Between wei yu too many colors and no in the elements, but simply use a piece of design feeling mirror can create classic modern style.