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10Nov 2016
How to a head in a small town sanitary ware market

In small towns of potentially rich group, the proportion of young people is higher than big cities, the proportion of 18 to 34 (55%), about a third of whom at least college education, so the small towns of rich group with unique consumer demand and characteristics, their consumption is more rational, not like the city rich group, pay attention to stimulate excitement, for example, the small towns don't like the city, rich group spend hundreds of yuan or more money to go to a concert or go to a nightclub, most of the small towns of rich group pay more attention to the stability of the life, had the money first thought of building a nest, rather than consumption, this creates a lot of business opportunities to the household sector.

In addition, China's small cities and towns of potentially rich group brand awareness stronger than a line consumption city, 59% of people are very concerned about pursuing fashion trend, while only 50% first-tier cities, there are two reasons: first, the information source of small towns is less, they don't know how to choose products, only believe that famous brand is reliable; Followed by small town residential buildings surrounded by friends and relatives, afraid of being people despise the, so more emphasis on face. Happens to the consumption psychology and traditional thinking, many companies think that these remote backward area of brand request is not high, it can even become the scene of marketing and deal with the backlog of products, if think so is wrong, this is some reasons for the enterprise develop the market effect.
To open the bathroom sanitary ware enterprises, therefore, terminal market, stimulate consumption, continuous development of their own bathroom products, such ability to gain a foothold in the market.