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09Nov 2016
The future development trend of sanitary ware

Tend to be more humanized, sanitary hardware products and rich products, can be more selective. According to different people, different from person to person in the production of goods to different people, meticulous division of labor makes the market more diversified. Sanitary ware industry development will appear three trends: one is to appear a few "integrated" wei yu, the second is there will be a "professional", third is "individuation" will appear.

Wei yu two greatly tendency
Development trend: in the mid-range sanitary consumers price winning promotion to test
In the face of domestic consumers, many enterprises will find that the vast majority of consumers in the choose and buy goods when consider the first factor is the brand, the second is the price, the last is the quality. Mid-range consumer itself limited economic conditions, plus a lot of people don't know much about the importance of sanitary hardware fittings, so they will pay more attention to the price.
Trend 2: for the high-end consumers hold "bones jing" shopping habits
Commonly known as "bones jing" class - refers to those who have a certain economic strength, white-collar, backbone, elite. They are the main users of high-end consumers, so to speak. The pursuit of quality of life of them, when the choose and buy goods nature also pay more attention to the quality of the products, and to their life commodity culture connotation, known as "small endowment".
According to census statistics for the third time in China, the women's market accounts for 48.7% of the population in our country, the consumption ability is stronger, the influence on consumption of 20 to 50 years old young and middle-aged women, accounts for about 21% of the population. Have according to the survey at the same time, the female is not only a person buyers of consumer goods, and the vast number of children's products, the elderly supplies, male supplies, household goods purchase decision makers. According to the report in 2006: Chinese women living conditions, among married women surveyed, 77.3% of women is a major purchaser, family daily consumption of decision makers and female voice in the family economic decision-making has reached unprecedented levels. Women have become the main core of China's army of consumers.